About us

IBA CZ is a technology company focused on providing software services. We are a part of a multinational alliance, IBA Group, one of the biggest suppliers of information technology in Central and Eastern Europe.

IBA CZ, with a registered office in Prague and delivery centers in Prague, Brno and Ostrava, has over 120 permanent employees – IT specialists with a focus on software development, project management, and IT consultancy. IBA CZ intensively cooperates with many contractors and partner companies, allowing themselves to flexibly react to a wide scope of customers' needs.



IBA CZ, s.r.o confirms its emphasis on quality and security by attaining certifications

In October 2011, IBA CZ, s.r.o was certified as being in conformance with the global ISO/IEC 2000 and ISO/IEC 27001 standards. IBA CZ's implementation of the first standard, for process management for IT services based on ITIL, provides customers with constant efficiency and quality improvement in IT services. The second standard, for information security management, ensures that information is processed according to its importance and sensitivity. A report from the independent certification body Bureau Veritas confirms the high professional level of internal support management processes for solutions delivered to the customer, a correspondingly secure environment, organization of work and their mutual interconnection with company culture.

Our customers and partners can expect transparent communication (SLA, reports, feedback) or bilateral risk reduction.

In developing IT solutions, IBA CZ uses modern, agile methods that bring customers a clearer overview and a greater stake in solution delivery, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Our partners

IBA and IBM 

Our company works closely with IBM in many countries around the world. This cooperation dates back to the founding of the first IBA as an IBM subsidiary in Belarus in 1993. Currently, the IBM does not own any of the companies in the alliance IBA, but very close cooperation continues. The partnership between IBM and IBA has many different layers in the form of commercial, technological and educational.

IBA CZ is a Premier Business Partner of IBM. Through the membership in this program we obtain an easier access to IBM products and better conditions in the purchase and implementation of enterprise solutions.


Liferay is a leading provider of enterprise open source portal and collaboration software products. IBA CZ is the only Gold Partner of Liferay in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and also seeks to Platinum level. Exclusive knowledge and many years of experience with Liferay portal technologies are supported by many Czech and foreign projects ans very close cooperation, including source code interventions demonstrates organizing of the annual Liferay conference, which is unprecedented in CR and SR and enjoys high customer interest.

Other local strategic partnerships



Global partners

IBA Group is a business or technology partner of the following companies:


University relationships

We train students in computer hardware and software on the basis of cooperation with the following Universities:

  • Charles University,
  • Czech Technical University in Prague (Faculty of Electrical Engineering),
  • Prague University of Economics (Faculty of Informatics and Statistics),
  • Masaryk University (Faculty of Informatics),
  • University of West Bohemia (Faculty of Applied Sciences).

Areas of Cooperation

Conclusion of agreements on joint training of students and graduates with universities in the Czech Republic.

Formation of training groups:

  • Java Team
  • Lotus Notes Team
  • Learning Space Team

Organization of classes:

  • OOM/OOP based on Rational Rose/Java
  • Lotus Notes Development
  • OS/390 System & Application Development
  • IBA workshops for students

Training Activities

  • Cooperation agreements with Czech universities
  • University Java and Lotus Notes Projects
  • Internet and Lotus Notes
  • IBM Project Management
  • Professional Training in the IBA Training Center

IBA CZ logos

Rules for the use of logos and allowed color variations can be found in the Design Manual.

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