Customer Relationship Management

Up-sell solutions to support business and marketing processes

Our solution supports the entire life cycle of your engagement. You will be able to moCunitor the business case – from marketing campaigns support, sales, to after sale services.

We are best suited to assist to medium size to large manufacturing or merchandising companies to create and maintain in the long-term good quality business relationships with customers and partners. We provide specialized solutions for hospitals, healthcare facilities and call centers.

Use long-term knowledge of our specialists from CRM projects from various business sectors. We will be pleased to advise you in optimum setting of business processes. In addition, we offer a number of sector extensions in order to meet your high expectations. This is because our own development centers allow us to adapt solutions to your requirements, rather than the other way around.

We mostly use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for solutions used for business and marketing management processes.

Segment and Personalize Your Offer

A detailed overview of the behavior of your customers will allow you to better target and offer products of services just at the right moment when your customers may be interested in them, and consequently increase sales and brand popularity.

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Benefits for you

  • Deep knowledge of our specialists in processes in your business sector;
  • Increase in sales thanks to verification and better monitoring of business processes;
  • Segmentation of customers for a better targeting of offered products and services;
  • Better focus of marketing campaigns, including the implementation and evaluation;
  • Very intuitive interface for users; and o Mobile and off-line access to information – you always carry data in your mobile devices.