Sales Processes

We can help you improve sales processes and increase overall sales

We are able to assist you to improve sales process and increase sales in general. With our solution, you will have better segmented customers, you speed up and facilitate access to supplementary goods and related services to your customers and you will have a perfect overview of history of individual business cases.

As part of the support of sales processes, we offer loyalty portals for the display of customer data and editing e.g. contact details and setting of services. In addition, our solution includes an application for mobile access to data from CRM that businessmen always have available.

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Benefits for you

  • Easy access to information on customers, competitors and partners any time, from any place;
  • Update of data from the ARES register and MERK database;
  • Segmentation of customers, analysis and reporting for an optimum focus and sales increase;
  • Setting and monitoring of objectives for businessmen and business units; and
  • Integration and connection to ERP systems and other special customer systems.