Specialized Sector Solutions 

Solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities and call centers

We offer sector solutions that are based on the know-how of our company, long-term experience and expertise of our consultants from implemented projects for the support of customer relationship management.

Manufacturing and Merchandising Companies

We know and we are able to imagine the complexity of processes in manufacturing companies. For this reason, our solution provides a number of smart functions, such as:

  • Advanced product catalogue;
  • Possibility to easily create detailed line offers;
  • Product configurator;
  • Module for business management of individual sales and distribution networks (stores, partners, distributors); and
  • Integration to the most commonly used enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and supply chain management (SCM) systems.

In addition, our solution for manufacturing and merchandising companies includes a prepared and integrated customer portal which is accessible for your customers and where they can update for example contact details, obtain up-to-date documents and information, or administer and order products and relating services.

Solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Offer above-standard services to your clients (patients) and increase your revenues! We will assist you, whether you are a public or private healthcare facility or hospital. With our solution, you get support for the management and implementation of relating marketing campaigns that result in disease prevention and health promotion.

We are ready to connect the solution to the most commonly used hospital network information systems (NIS) and web portal, including for example e-shop for orders of above-standard and prevention services. We will help you create or modernize a client zone where patients will feel at home and which will concurrently allow access to medical information (medical history) to physicians.

Call Centers

Call centers have not been only about phones and phone calls for a long-time. Support your customers to use communication forms that are most convenient for them. And consequently reduce the costs of expensive phone calls, staffing and payroll costs and increase your revenues through an offer of relating services in an automated and customer friendly manner.

We offer special solution for call centers that enable to automate and simplify processes in call centers. It is able to quickly find and enter necessary information in dealing with your customers, records and registers individual phone calls or chats.

The solution for call centres includes a contact centre that will allow to define both the automated guide of incoming telephone calls and possibility of dealing with requirements using an automatic machine, and a single central sport for the receipt and dealing with requirements and questions from various sources – e.g. from email, SMS, web portal, branches, and, evidently, telephone calls.

Our solution offers the monitoring and analysis of made phone calls and provided services with an objective to maximally improve the services provided by you and the quality of servicing.

Another help of your call center may be Answera, a virtual operator and knowledge database for call center workers. It helps customers find answers to their questions before they send the question on the web.

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