Integration with data boxes

Support sending and receiving data messages, including searching, indexing and archiving, using confidential environment of e-mail.

Data boxes mean that your files can be securely accessed and shared from anywhere. In fact, you can use data boxes to send and receive the most valuable company reports and attachments in the safest possible way. We design and supply unique data box solutions which are easy to use and that do not compromise when it comes to security.

Receive important and sensitive company reports, commercial and classic documents with an authorised access from anywhere, but outwith the content of classic e-mail. Our solutions support:

  • Delivery reports administration 
  • Digital signatures
  • Time stamps

Dependable and secure sharing

If your team is cooperating on sensitive or confidential projects or discussions, then a data box is the right solution for you. If your sales team is in the field and is dealing with or evaluating a marketing campaign or sensitive commercial information, then the use of a data box is the right way to make sure your security and protection are on the maximum. Your entire team, whether big or small, will be safer and more productive with a data box.

Unique interconnection

The unique property of the solution is its interconnection with FileNet Document management, a Reliable Storage Site and the Archiving of Messages and Documents.

A simple and user-friendly environment

We create data boxes in a practically unchanged environment in which users are accustomed to working with e-mails without any compromise in terms of security.

Easy searching

The ability of data boxes to send and receive thousands of messages daily is accompanied by fast and simple searching, indexing and the long-term archiving of messages.

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The benefits for you

  • Maximum security and protection of sensitive data
  • The fast implementation of data boxes
  • A simple user environment
  • An unlimited number of data boxes
  • Long-term archiving of data messages