Digitalising and extracting data

Intelligent scanning

Creating digital copies of paper documents and their placement into the right directories is usually a process which cinsists of several manual steps. We design and develop intelligent software for scanning documents, converting files into the required formats and filing them automatically in the right directories, which significantly simplifies, speeds up and increases the effectiveness of document management and digitalisation and eliminates the error factor.

  • Scan anywhere: DMS, financial department, CRM, ERP, legal department, to FTP servers, to web directories, to e-mail, to a printer – really anywhere
  • Convert documents into legible and searchable PDF files take advantage of the possibility of intelligent text recognition or searching handwritten documents
  • Use dynamic metadata for logical digital document indexing and organisation
  • Protect important documents from loss or damage
  • Security ensured by granting access to specific documents

Intelligent recognition

Our solutions contain tools for intelligent of barcode and QR code and recognition and tools for improving the image of scanned documents and extracting information and data from structured and unstructured documents using OCR, ICR and OMR.*

*OCR – optical character recognition, ICR - intelligent character recognition, OMR – optical mark recognition, such as the checkboxes on forms.

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The benefits for you

  • You save time by eliminating document storage and searching by hand
  • Eliminate the error factor and increase the effectiveness of work
  • Ensure the security of your key documents
  • Intelligent scanning
  • Automatic document sorting
  • Intelligent character recognition