Content Management System

All related documents available fast, backed-up, archived, shared

The administration and management of company data and documents require a systematic approach associated with electronic data and paper documents. Our document management solution offers the sorts of tools that will allow you to underpin, properly direct and store, administer and securely archive structured and unstructured data. Use a single storage site with one or more keys (e. g., customer number or employee ID) and you will ensure that any document, related data, processes, projects and tasks are easily and quickly. Grant acess to authorised users as part of a system or via your company applications.

Fast and simple searching

Systems for document administration enable full-text searches of all stored documents and also provide a complete overview of related documents.

Process Support

Document management systems support the company processes automation. Such systems are also often connected to systems that support the implementation of ISO standards, file service systems and electronic registries. A part of the system is also a direct link to solutions for storing, backing-up and archiving the firm's data.

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The benefits for you

  • Fast and simply searchability of documents and related data
  • You save time, eliminate manual searching and increase the effectiveness of work
  • Full-text searching
  • DMS for any volume of data and size of organisation.
  • Professional solutions backed-up by many years of experience with DMS systems