Long-term trusted store/archive

Would your company survive the loss of key documents?

Lost or stolen contracts, legal documents, databases, orders, accounts etc. could be a costly and quite unpleasant business experience.

Safeguarding stored data, you avoid losing important documents and unauthorised access to data, as well as prevent the intentional or unintentional destruction, damage or misuse of key data and information. Reliable archive gives you the chance to control the authenticity of legal documents. Reliable repository built on the base of FileNet system offer a cutting-edge solution to the administration of electronic documents according to the valid legislation.

Security elements

Despite data encryption being a popular security measure, it is only one of the many ways of securing your data. We will develop a reliable archive with important security elements that guarantee the validity of content, legibility and authenticity of your documents:

  • Metadata
  • Certificates
  • Electronic signature
  • Electronic seals
  • Time stamps

Say goodbye to paper

We have a unique combination of designed solutions in terms of archiving data and documents, data boxes and long-term archives. You will finally be able to say goodbye to the circulation of paper documents and all types of paper documentation.

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The benefits for you

  • Safeguard key documents against loss or unauthorised use
  • Long-term document archiving
  • Maximum reliability of security tools
  • A reliable archive that has tools with which to check that documents are authentic
  • You save time and help the environment