Identity Management

Identity management

Increase the Security and Cut the Costs

With our IDM solution, you will have the administration of user rights perfectly under control from one spot. No more information will leak from systems to unauthorised personnel. Thanks to an automated workflow, more users, customers or partners are easily entered into the system and they can be easily removed, e.g. upon a change in competences or deprovisioning.

The increase in the effectiveness of operations of the existing and newly introduced applications and business processes will eventually help to cut significant costs. Primarily to financial institutions, the IDM solution will help comply with legislative requirements – accurate records and reports on who and when had/has an access to a specific system or application. Single Sign On (SSO), i.e. access of users to all systems using a single password, is a natural part of the solution.

IDM Implementation

In the implementation of IDM, a project approach with a perfect management and control of individual project phases clearly proved well.

  • Analytical part 
    Without a detailed interview with a customer and perfect understanding of the technologies and process used by the customer, the project could not be successful. In this phase, we additionally monitor the established management processes of accesses, their scope and priorities. Pursuant to identified findings, we prepare the second phase, implementation.
  • Implementation part
    We will develop an implementation plan according to an analysis of the environment. The implementation itself is divided into defined logical units that will be gradually integrated after the acceptance.
  • Testing and putting into operation
    The IDM system works correctly when data in all systems are secured. After the system integration, we verify its correct operations in the testing environment. The process also involves the training of all users. According to an approved time schedule, we consequently implant individual parts or the entire system in the production environment.
  • After sales care
    After putting the system into operation, we maintain it according to contractual conditions so that it can meet your requirements for trouble-free operations over the entire period of its use.

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Benefits for you

  • Implementation of Open-source User Provisioning system (midPoint)
  • Product used worldwide
  • Experienced implementation team
  • Easily auditable tool with reporting
  • Quick reset of passwords  
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