Mobile applications for insurance agents and adjusters

Achieve maximum flexibility and stay ahead of the competition

Insurance companies and adjusters are required to show absolute focus on customers' needs and fast-changing life conditions. With modern technology at your disposal you will absolute flexibility and keep you competitiveness.

Eliminate the error rate

Throw away your pen and paper, avoid errors and misrepresentation and prove your customers that you are professional. Exceed their expectations. Save your colleagues' and clients' time and work.

Sign more contracts

Mobile applications for insurance agents and adjusters enables you to calculate policies and the level of insurance benefit on the spot and allow you to confirm the approval of the insured person using a digital signature on the display of a mobile device. This allows you to shorten the whole process quite considerably, accommodate your clients’ needs to the maximum and deal with more insured claims and sign more contracts.

Everything at hand

Mobile applications mean that you no longer need paper forms, separate cameras, navigation or other aids. You will have everything at hand in one place and will be able to immediately submit data for processing to central office right away.

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The benefits for you

  • Speed up the process of signing insurance policies and adjustment
  • Eliminate the error factor and subsequent claims and complaints
  • A smart, tried-and-trusted solution
  • Your clients have no need to journey to a branch