Mobile applications for sales representatives

Let your representatives become more effective

Internal systems viewed simply on-line and data procured in the field (forms, photographs, audio, signature on the display, etc.).

Today nobody has time for a business meeting that doesn’t result in an order placement. Sales representatives want to meet the requirements of growing number of potential clients in minimal time. And your customers sometimes have to spend valuable time finding the greatest benefits your product will bring. Proper mobile applications installed on the mobile devices provide your sales representatives with the best opportunity to close out even more business transactions, build loyal relationships with your customers and shorten the sales cycle.

Access to CRM data is crucial

Continuous access to the data available about potential customer's behaviour helps sales representatives find out what matters most to a customer quickly and easily.

Customers are used to obtain information almost immediately by several simple clicks. Purchase or order placement decisions are then based on this information. Neither side has enough time or patience for another meeting. When your sales representatives are about to conclude an order, they must be equipped with accurate information in real time. Furthermore they are to be able to make a good impression and know answers to all questions a potential customer might have. Answers such as “I don’t know” or "I’ll find that out for you” could lead to failure. Mobile applications simplify work of your sales representatives considerably, meaning they are to become more effective, spend less time closing out individual transactions and have greater success in sales.

The benefits of a shorter sales cycle

Cutting-edge mobile applications from IBA CZ result in a shorter sales cycle. All at once, travelling sales representatives can spend far more time on what they do best – closing out contracts and order placements. Customers like precise and prompt orders. Shortening your sales cycle you are gaining a considerable competitive advantage.

Show yourself on-line

Mobile applications for sales representatives provide an excellent environment for firm presentations.

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The benefits for you

  • Immediate access to information about a customer
  • Close out more orders, and faster
  • Respectable presentation possibilities
  • Interaction when presenting offers
  • The acquisition of data in the field and immediate on-line transfer to internal systems