Mobile applications for service staff

Increase the effectiveness of your servicing in the field

A better-informed service worker means a more effective service worker. Increase the effectiveness of your service on site using mobile applications for service technicians. Your customers have high expectations. Help your service technicians satisfy their servicing requirements on site by speeding up their work and providing them with the required information right where they are using mobile applications.

Managing servicing requests

All requests for servicing on site are assigned to the right service technicians according to current availability, qualifications and their location at that time. You will therefore be able to properly and almost immediately respond to your customers’ servicing requests.

The benefits of mobile request management

  • Speed up the servicing cycle and its billing significantly
  • Receive and redistribute servicing requests with higher efficiency
  • Proactively keep an eye on the effectiveness of servicing
  • Communicate with the servicing team in the field easily and fast
  • Automate recurring service operations
  • Improve your response time
  • Raise the standard of servicing offe significantly

Fast and easy evaluation

All servicing operations are perfectly monitored and can therefore be retrospectively evaluated according to the time spent and the way in which they are dealt with. Discover the potential for improving or upgrading your service offer.

  • Monitor the time spent, the service status and the working hours
  • Manage your service team better by mapping out the terrain
  • Segment, plan supplies of spare parts and stock inventoriess
  • Monitor repairs and replacement history and redistribute work assignments better

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The benefits for you

  • Fast and simple distribution of servicing requests
  • The immediate transfer of information to service technicians
  • Monitor the time and progress of a servicing operation to ensure better planning
  • Paper-free solutions
  • Obtain and archive data from the field