Mobile website

The role of mobile devices in searching for information is rising sharply. Don’t lag behind.

Internet use on desktop devices has fallen from 90 % to 60 % over the past two years, whereas the use of mobile devices has risen to 40 %. If this trend continues, mobile devices will very soon become the preferred choice for finding information on the Internet.

If you want to reach as many customers as you can, your website must be available on a whole range of mobile devices. The appeal of competitive mobile websites is their variability of size and design. We will design you an intuitive and user-friendly mobile website that can be accessed anywher, one that meets your clients very highest demands.

  • A simple and clearly-arranged menu and navigation
  • A flexible layout for different sizes of mobile devices and different resolutions
  • The good old days of keyboard and mouse are long gone, meaning we design solutions for touch-screen displays
  • Minimalistic forms
  • Speed and size play a key role
  • We use all the possibilities offered by mobile devices – GPS, automatic telephony, slide opening etc.

Be faster than your the competitors

Turn instant accessibility of information into one of your greatest competitive advantages.

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The benefits for you

  • Address a broader range of customers
  • Faster reading of a mobile website
  • Your competitive advantage on the market
  • A means of instant communication with customers
  • Accessibility to information anywhere and everywhere