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We are the only LIFERAY Gold Service partner in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Build and maintain contacts with your clients and employees and allow them to communicate with each other using a portal solution. IBA CZ is the market elite when it comes to portals and we firmly believe that we will be able to find a constructive solution to harmonise people, data and company processes. We have a professional content management team and many years of experience in implementing ready-made Liferay, IBM WebSphere and MS Sharepoint solutions and in developing our own solutions. Our professional web portals allow your company to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Responsible Person

Aleš Hojka
tel.: +420 724 103 971
e-mail: ales.hojka@ibacz.eu
I would like to thank you for WHAT you did for us, and HOW. I hope that the values you showed us (skills, openness, a pro-active and conceptual approach, fair play...) remain with you, and that together we will be able to look forward to achievements based on these values, because if you will have the strength and resolve to maintain them, you are bound to succeed.
Peter TRNKA, O2 Slovakia
IS Operations Director