Human resource planning

Plan and keep an eye on your staff’s workload

A solution similar to that offered for planning shifts, but one intended for a different type of company. The human resource planner is designed for companies with a large number of (frequently changing) employees and temporary workers, depending on the season or the current workload.

Plan human resources smarter and quickly. Automate the planning of collision-free operation and staffing, copy shifts, import timetables and allow senior employees to save up to 80 % of the time they spend on planning.

An overview of workloads

Make sure you know exactly how much work your employees have. This solution has all smart functions, such as a visual depiction in the calendar, including the overloading or unused capacity of teams or individuals, accurate reporting and an overview of the actual costs of projects.

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The benefits for you

  • Plan smart and collision-free
  • Save time and money
  • “Create templates for planning” function
  • Say goodbye to late arrivals
  • A visual calendar of human resources
  • Intelligent search of overloading or unused capacity
  • The chance to assign human resources to activities