Integration with social networks

Discover new business opportunities and communicate in modern way

It is no longer a question of whether you use social media, but how you use them! Social media have completely changed the methods used in marketing communication. And they will continue to do so. Integrating social networks in your intelligent portals allows you to monitor your customers’ behaviour by analysing text and content. Use the integration of social media to find new business opportunities and potential markets, for marketing research and to communicate with customers.

Social networks

Be where your customers are. Instead of waiting for customers to visit your website, social media provide you with the opportunity to get in touch with your customers in an environment that is pleasant and comfortable. Get in touch with your target groups right where they are and entice them to your website, where they become your customers. Social media are used to address them. After that, your website is the place to convert their interest into results.

Emotions count

Extracting useful content from social media and joining it to your website allow you to learn a great deal about the preferences of your target groups. Analyse data quickly and effectively and identify the latest trends in customer behaviour. Stay one step ahead of the competition by knowing exactly what your customers want; only then will you be able to truly satisfy their requirements.

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The benefits for you

  • Be closer to your customers and discover new potential markets
  • Extract content, analyse trends and customer behaviour
  • Integrate social networks with robust or open-source portals