Loyalty programme

Strengthen relations with your customers and increase your revenues

Loyalty programmes strengthen your relations with customers quite significantly and, most importantly, increase your revenues. They also strengthen your brand because most customers are loyal to those brands that care about loyalty.

What, however, makes a loyalty programme truly successful? A higher frequency of purchases or an increase in average sales are the parameters used to gauge success. The question is, how can these be achieved if your loyalty application is not available on mobile devices, is complicated to use and does not provide the very latest functions, so that nobody will use it?

A loyalty programme from IBA CZ is a secure solution for you and your customers that is built on a portal system, allowing you to continually maintain and develop your programme according to customer requirements and staying one step ahead of the competitors’ offer.

Competitive advantage

The right, user-friendly loyalty programme solution helps you build up a reputation of a technological leader. You will enable your loyal customers much more than just to access their accounts, view transaction history and edit their contact details.

Build a database and segment

The existence of a loyalty programme allows you to gather a large amount of valuable information about your customers and their purchasing behaviour. Subsequent segmentation and tools for automatic communication allow you to offer just what customers need, exactly when they need it.

Whenever, wherever

Get your loyalty programmes connected to the mobile world. Mobile devices offer you further opportunities, especially when you give your customers the chance to access a programme from the convenience of their mobile phones. What is more, you can also use advanced localization features to adapt accordingly your current offer.

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The benefits for you

  • Loyalty programmes built on the very best technology
  • A whole range of innovative tools and functions
  • A mobile loyalty programme, customers can access from anywhere
  • A user-friendly environment and simplicity of use