ServiceDesk / HelpDesk

Speed up the process of dealing with servicing requirements and increase customer satisfaction

Provide customer support and servicing with which your clients will be absolutely satisfied. Speed up the process of handling servicing requirements and make the support you provide your employees or customers all the more effective. The only place at which to administer, manage and monitor your customers’ and employees’ servicing requirements, a place where you can trace case histories with ease.

A perfect overview

Dealing with requests from different sources and different departments? No problem. You can manage everything effectively from one place, receiving requests by e-mail or telephone, on a portal or perhaps from registered users/customers. Reports, meanwhile, provide you with a detailed overview and knowledge databases, which your users can also search and draw on.

Cutting-edge tools

  • The automation and escalation of requests
  • Analytical tools and reports
  • Integration
  • SLA

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The benefits for you

  • Faster and more effective communication
  • All requirements dealt with at speed
  • Knowledge base
  • Adapting the environment to your corporate design with ease
  • SLA
  • Work procedures, reports and analyses