The "Official portal"

Harmonise communication across authorities and their departments

Specific solutions for the public sector and public administration are provided using uniform, modern access to information at and between individual departments and authorities. These make maintenance fast and simple for officials and bring users up-to-date information.

A way for authorities to communicate with each other

The portal is also a highly effective means of communication among individual authorities and their departments and supports cooperation in groups and projects. The solution allows access to be set for individual departments/positions.

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The benefits for you

  • A modern approach by authorities to people and users
  • Speed of communication, up-to-dateness of information
  • The clear arrangement and availability of information in one place
  • Simple and user-friendly operation
  • Security and control mechanisms
We were ultimately satisfied with the servicesand support, and we especially appreciated the adherence to the time schedule and the budget.
Ivo Skrášek, CIO of the Zlín Region
Regional Office of the Zlín Region